Pieces of Eight Gallery

28 Russell Place Melbourne VIC 3000

2 - 31 August 2018

This August, Kate Rohde fills the windows of Pieces of Eight Gallery with a lively display as part of the Window Walk project for the Craft Cubed Festival. Rohde creates a homely, domestic inspired setting to display her pieces which responds to the festival's theme of homing craft, a theme which aims to showcase makers' sense of place, identity and home.

Rohde presents a new series of resin vessels loosely inspired by heirloom vegetables including rainbow chard, kohlrabi and the many varieties of pumpkins and tomatoes. The interest in these fruits and vegetables stems from a realisation of the many spectacular colours and forms these rarer varieties encompass, and that historically have informed many classic silhouettes in the decorative arts such as the double gourd shaped vessels common in Chinese ceramics. Kate's window installation speaks to the beginning of her practice through to the present day and her mastery of resin as a material.