Romance was Born 

26 June 2018

Thames and Hudson have recently published the book Romance was Born, a wide ranging survey of the exquisite work of Sydney fashion designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett. Kate collaborated with RWB on their SS 2010/11 collection Renaissance Dinosaur, which is included in the book. 

Fabulous Creatures 

1 June 2018

Kate was one of three artists recently featured on the series  Fabulous Creatures made for ABC Arts. Produced by Will Huxley, the series explored animals as the inspiration for art making.

The other artists featured are Troy Emery and Tarryn Gill, and the series is available to view on demand via ABC Iview.

This Wild Song

1 March 2018

 Portrait of Kate Rohde by Ilona Nelson 

Portrait of Kate Rohde by Ilona Nelson 

Kate Rohde recently posed for a portrait by Ilona Nelson as part of This Wild Song. The location was The Johnston Collection in East Melbourne, where Kate has been involved in several exhibitions and events in the past. 

About This Wild Song

This Wild Song (TWS) is a series of portraits and interviews with Australian women visual artists who have a unique voice.

The theme of the portraits is for the artist to become a part of their work. The photographs also hold the intention of creating an honest and true depiction of who the artist is as a person. Every portrait has a specific concept created for the artist, and significance is placed on all elements within the photograph in relation to the artist and their practice.

TWS celebrates the strong female leaders in the arts community. Although the artists being featured are from varying backgrounds, use a diverse range of mediums, and at different stages of their arts career; they are unified by their unique voices and distinct style. The inclusion of so many artistic mediums in TWS offers a broad synopsis of contemporary Australian art.

The Jealous Curator

9 September 2016

Kate was a guest of Danielle Krysa AKA 'The Jealous Curator' to talk all things art and art making on her weekly podcast with only occasional interruptions from 4 month old Tristan. you can find the episode via this link